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    CUWIN CWV2 Hardware Upgrades(Post)

    The CUWIN CWV Windows CE panel PC has been given a hardware upgrade and named CWV2. CWV CWV2 Models Affected Storage 256MB NAND Flash ...

    Creating a CUWIN Modbus RTU Master with NModbus(Post)

    NModbus is a free and open source implementation of the Modbus protocol for the .Net Framework and .Net Compact Framework. It is currently hosted at but there are ...

    Adding Custom Fonts To the CUWIN(Post)

    Sometimes it may be necessary to add custom fonts to improve the aesthetics of a user interface, or to add support for additional languages.   1.  Obtain a .ttf file for the custo ...

    jControls CF35: A Free .Net Control LIbrary for CUWIN Windows CE Panel PCs(Post)

    We are pleased to announce the release of jControls CF 35, a free .Net Compact Framework control library for the CUWIN Windows CE Panel PCs. jControl CF35 overcomes many of the limitations .N ...

    Windows 10 Creators Update & Windows Mobile Device Center(Post)

    Our CUWIN Windows CE-based products and our ComfileHMI products rely on Windows Mobile Device Center for connectivity to a PC. We have discovered that the latest update of Windows 10, dubb ...

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