Adding Custom Fonts To the CUWIN

Sometimes it may be necessary to add custom fonts to improve the aesthetics of a user interface, or to add support for additional languages.  

1.  Obtain a .ttf file for the custom font, and copy it to either the CUWIN's flash memory (i.e. the "\Flash Disk" folder) or the CUWIN's SD Card (i.e. the "Storage Card" folder)

2.  To view the font in the Visual Studio designer, change the control's font in the Visual Studio properties window.

3. In the Form's Load event, load the font file from where it was copied to in Step 1, using the Win32 AddFontResource() function.  See AddFontResource

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

public static extern int AddFontResource(string lpFileName);

AddFontResource(@"\Flash Disk\Champignon.ttf");

One can also add .ttf file as resources or content in a Visual Studio solution, so it is deployed with the application, and loaded from the application's location.  Download the example

Jun 8th 2016

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