Comfile Studio Runtime USB Dongle

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Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to build PC applications in the automation field? Try our new Comfile Studio. It allows you to achieve your desired results quickly, with exceptional stability, making it the perfect choice for streamlined development.

It builds on the proven foundation of the ComfileHMI Editor, an HMI development kit released 10 years ago that has undergone continuous improvements and upgrades from COMFILE Technology's key strengths and expertise.  It has been rigorously tested and is in use by many companies throughout the world.

With the ability to now create HMIs for Windows PCs, we've renamed the product to Comfile Studio, reflecting its new and enhanced capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Windows PC automation solutions
  • No-code streamlined development for rapid project creation
  • Supports control of any Modbus device including CUBLOC, ARDUINO, MCUs, and many other remote I/O devices
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and 11

Comfile Studio empowers you to streamline your development process, achieve superior results, and ensure stability for your automation solutions.

Comfile Studio, as a development tool, is free, but requires the purchase of a USB licensing dongle for projects deployed to Windows PCs.

  • Free for up to 30 widgets: (no USB licensing dongle required), no technical support
  • $99 for licensing dongle permitting up to 500 widgets, technical support available
  • $299 for licensing dongle permitting up to 2000 widgets, technical support available
  • $999 for licensing dongle permitting unlimited widgets, technical support available <--- Only $79 when purchased with a CPCV series panel PC.

For customers who purchase one of our CPCV series panel PCs, the licensing dongle permitting unlimited widgets is only $79.   Existing CPCV series panel PC customers can also take advantage of the discounted price. Please inquire at

[Download Comfile Studio & User's Manual]



Q : what kind of projects can be done with the $99 licence? 

A : I believe the $99 license with 500 widgets, covers most projects. Also, the shape and image widgets don't count. If you open one of your projects in Comfile Studio, check the top-right corner of the Comfile Studio window, and you'll see the current widget count.

Q : How does additional licensing work in case of extra widgets? So can someone buy 3x $99 licences for one project with 1500 widgets? 

A : You can only plug one dongle into a PC, so if you want more widgets, you need to buy a dongle that supports more widgets.

Q :  Is this a hardware dongle or software licence?

A : The dongle is a hardware USB device that must be plugged into the machine that running the project.  The dongle has the license and widget quota burned in.


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