CP-IO19R (I/O Relay Board for the CPi)

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  • CP-IO19R (I/O Relay Board for the CPi)
  • CP-IO19R (I/O Relay Board for the CPi)


IO board accessory for the ComfilePi with 11 inputs, 9 relay outputs, screw terminals, and indicator LEDs. 

This product cannot be mounted on Cpi-C070WR-4C.


  • Voltage Range: 12 ~ 24V
  • Absolute Min/Max Voltage Range: 3.3 ~ 28V
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Input OFF Level: <1.8VDC
  • Input ON Level: >2.5VDC
  • Indicator LED OFF Level: <4.5V
  • Indicator LED ON Level: >5.0V


  • Relay Output x 8
  • Relay Driving Voltage: 24V (Single power source)
  • Relay Driving Current: 10mA
  • Maximum Switching Voltage: 277V AC, 30V DC
  • Maximum Switching Current: 5A AC, 3A DC
  • Maximum Switching Frequency: 10Hz

  CP-IO19R User's Manual

Package includes:

  • The CP-IO19R IO board
  • 1 40-pin ribbon cable
  • 4 mounting screws
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