We are preparing a new industrial modular Arduino.

We are preparing a new industrial modular Arduino.

This product provides hardware to create industrial applications using the Arduino development environment. If you already have experience using Arduino, this product can be used right out of the box.

The product provides many I/O modules specifically designed for industrial use cases supporting both digital and analog I/O. It's modular design allows one to purchase just the modules they need to customize the hardware precisely to the the solution's requirements.

This new product benefits from the expertise that our company has accumulated in the field of automation for the past 28 years.

There are already modular I/O connectivity solutions such as QWIIC and STEMMA in the market, but those are not designed for industrial use cases and environments. For example, there is typically no noise and surge protection, and they cannot be mounted to a DIN rail.

This product will satisfy those who wish to leverage the Arduino ecosystem and development tooling for industrial use cases, and is an excellent companion to our existing product portfolio including the ComfileHMI and Comfile Studio

We are currently in the final stages of development and plan to release it soon.

What is a voltage surge? 

At industrial sites, there are often devices such as motors, solenoids, inverters, and contactors, and when these operate, they can generate voltage surges. 

Such voltage surges must be removed or they will distort signals and cause malfunction. Existing Arduino or QWIIC / STEMMA products typically don't build in any surge protection at all. 

To protect equipment from voltage surges, components such as TVS diodes or varistors, and if necessary, opto-couplers must be added. Our new modular Arduino is designed with these components built in.

Feb 29th 2024

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