The ComfilePi (CPi) Panel PCs Have Been UL Listed

We are pleased to announce that our ComfilePi (Industrial Raspberry Pi Panel PC) products have been UL Listed for both the United States and Canada.  Models include the CPi-A070WR, CPi-B070WR, CPi-A070WT, CPi-A101WR, CPi-B070WRB, CPi-A150WR, CPi-A070WRB, and CPi-A102WR.  

Our UL listed products can be searched for at UL's online database.  Our UL Certificate of Compliance, along with our other compliance certifications, can be found at our Compliance Certifications page.

ComfilePi Panel PCs manufactured since April 2022 will have a label on the back with a UL mark.

Apr 8th 2022

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