CHC-070WR - 7" Water-Resistant Human Machine Interface (HMI)

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  •  CHC-070WR - 7" Water-Resistant Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  •  CHC-070WR - 7" Water-Resistant Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  •  CHC-070WR - 7" Water-Resistant Human Machine Interface (HMI)


The ComfileHMI is a WYSIWYG development kit for HMI projects. Supports interfacing with the CUBLOC, MOACON, FA-DUINO, MODPORT, or just about any other Modbus-capable PLC or microcontroller. The CHC series has a faster processor than CHA, so the execution speed is faster.

  • Supports Modbus RTU, ASCII, and TCP
  • Water-resistant and open-frame models are available. 
  • No branding on the hardware's front panel (logo-less). 
  • Supports TrueType fonts and Unicode for creating multilingual user interfaces.
  • Supports PNG, JPG, and BMP image files.
  • Water resistant front panel models support audio output (e.g. .wav files)
  • microSD card support for additional memory
  • Supervisory remote control over Ethernet
  • Remote scripting
  • SD card is not needed to run projects (projects are stored on the eMMC), but SD card is needed for logging.

 ComfileHMI User's Manual

Certificate (CE, KCC, FCC) 

 MODEL CHA-043PR  CHA-070PR  CHA-070WT  CHA-070WR  CHA-102WR  CHC-070WR 
 Processor/Memory  32Bit ARM926EJ-S, 400MHz, SDRAM:128MB, NAND Flash:256MB  32Bit ARM Cortex Dual 1GHz, SDRAM:1024MB, eMMC:4GB
 Case  Open-frame  Water Resistant Front Panel
 Screen Size  4.3" (480x272) 7" (800x480)  10.2" (800x480) 7" (800x480)
 RTC Yes, but no backup battery   Yes, backup battery included
 Communication  RS232C x 1  RS232C x 2, RS485 x 1
 Ethernet  No Yes 
 Sound Buzzer (Beep)  Speaker (Audio) 


 CHC-070WR CAD files

COMFILE HMI CHA-070WR Dimensions

If you are designing with MCU + LCD, ComfileHMI offers an attractive solution. Using the Simple-MODBUS source code for the MCU, it can be quite easy to give an MCU a grapical user interface. We are providing Simple-MODBUS source code for ARM, PIC and AVR MCUs. [About HMI+MCU solution]


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