Windows CE Panel PC


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Based on mobile processors for use in harsh environments

If a full desktop operating system like Windows XP/7/8 is overkill for your application, then a Windows CE panel PC may be right for you.

Our Windows CE panel PCs employ processors typically used in mobile devices, and compared to desktop PCs, they are simpler, generate less heat, and are much more energy efficient.  These characterics can yield more reliable operation in harsh environments.



A wide selection of screen sizes to choose from.




Development Environment


Same development environment as a PC

Programmable in C# or VB.Net using Microsoft's Visual Studio.


I/O Control


Our Windows CE panel PCs are prefect for adding colorful graphical user interfaces to an I/O control system.

Windows CE can handle all of the graphical output and user input and leave the I/O control to an external, decicated controller.

The Windows CE panel PC's connectivity features can be used to interface to many control systems ferrying information between control systems and the operator.