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ComfileHMI Remote Control Web Client and Android App


Beginning with v2.97, the ComfileHMI panel PC can be viewed and operated remotely from any device with a modern web browser, including smartphones and tablets. Simply enable the Remote Control Server in the panel PC's runtime configuration screen, and then enter the panel PC's IP address and port number in a web browser's address bar (1), e.g.

Once the web application downloads from the panel PC and displays in the web browser, the screen from which the web application was downloaded will be automatically added. Simply press the "View Only" or "Screen Control" buttons (2) to begin viewing and controlling the panel PC.

It is even possible view and control multiple screens. Press the "New" button (1) to add a new screen, and arrange the screens in a grid 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, or 4x3 grid (2). Multiple screens can also be organized into multiple pages (3).

An Android app is also available from the Google Play Store, but its features are limited to only one screen.

For more detailed information, please visit the ComfileHMI documentation

ComfileHMI + MCU Solution

Touch Screen GUIs (Graphic user interfaces) are becoming more ubiquitous than ever. For mass production, MCUs (micrcontrollers) must be used to keep costs down, but it can take a lot of effort to interface an MCU with a graphical LCD. Displaying text requires first creating fonts.  TrueType fonts can be used, but they require additional effort and [...]

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Supervisory Remote Control Feature Added to the ComfileHMI

We are pleased to announce that the ComfileHMI now has a supervisory remote control feature.As of v2.72, users can now view and control one or more ComfileHMI panel PCs remotely from a supervisory workstation PC.  The feature supports a practically unlimited number of viewers with options for view only and UI interaction.  The feature is [...]

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The ComfileHMI Now Supports Ethernet Communication

The ComfileHMI Editor software has been updated to utilize the ComfileHMI panel PC's Ethernet capabilities.  This significantly expands the PLC connectivity options using Modbus TCP, and lays the foundation for additional features such as remote display.The ComfileHMI can operate as either a Modbus TCP client (master), or a Modbus TCP server (slave).  For more details, [...]

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Windows 10 Creators Update & Windows Mobile Device Center

Our CUWIN Windows CE-based products and our ComfileHMI products rely on Windows Mobile Device Center for connectivity to a PC. We have discovered that the latest update of Windows 10, dubbed the "Creators Update", can cause connectivity to these devices to no longer work.  One workaround we've found to remedy this problem is described below: 1.  Download [...]

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Announcing the ComfilePi - Industrial Raspberry Pi Panel PC

COMFILE Technology is pleased to announce the release of the ComfilePi:  An industrial Raspberry Pi-based panel PC.Leveraging the Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module Lite, the COMFILE Pi inherits a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 1.2 GHz SOC, Broacom VideoCore IV GPU, and 1GB of RAM while exposing the following I/O features:* 24-bit color LCD with pressure senstive [...]

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CUWIN CWV2 Hardware Upgrades

The CUWIN CWV Windows CE panel PC has been given a hardware upgrade and named CWV2. CWV CWV2 Models Affected Storage 256MB NAND Flash 4GM eMMC All Models RTC MCU Embedded RTC Highly Accurate DS3231 RTC All Models LCD Brightness 300cd/m 2 400cd/m 2 070BR & 070WR   The CWV2 remains functionally equivalent to the CWV, and even uses the same Visual Studio 2008 SDK. New projects are encouraged to use the CWV2. Existing [...]

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Restoring a CUPC to its Factory Default State

Every CUPC panel PC has a recovery partition that contains a disk image for restoring the CUPC to a factory default state using the included WinClon utility.It is an a simple, easy, and very quick way to return a CUPC panel PC to a functioning state.We've created two videos to illustrate the procedure: Restoring the CUPC [...]

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How to start a program automatically in Windows 10

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the latest generation of Microsoft's operating systems designed specifically for retail, manufacturing, health care, and other industries. It supports the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) as well as classic Win32 and .Net applications.Comfile Technology is pleased to announce support for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise on the CUPC CPCV5 line of panel [...]

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Adding Custom Fonts To the CUWIN

Sometimes it may be necessary to add custom fonts to improve the aesthetics of a user interface, or to add support for additional languages.   1.  Obtain a .ttf file for the custom font, and copy it to either the CUWIN's flash memory (i.e. the "\Flash Disk" folder) or the CUWIN's SD Card (i.e. the "Storage Card" [...]

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