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Raspberry Pi Panel PC with eMMC and Larger Externally Exposed Heatsink


We are pleased to announce the release of the latest evolution of our very popular Raspberry Pi Panel PCs:  the CPi-B070WR.

It is very much the same as the CPi-A070WR, but has two important improvements:

  • A Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ with an 8GB eMMC
  • A larger, externally exposed heat sink

The eMMC is a common request from customers due to the perceived reliability and performance improvements over a typical SD card.

The larger, externally exposed heat sink, combined with the improved thermal characteristics of the Compute Module 3+, reduces (or altogether avoids) frequency throttling of the SoC.  The following image shows a thermal performance comparison at room temperature with the Compute Module at 100% utilization.

The learn more please see the product page and the user's manual.


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