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Development Environments

list.gifComfileHMI Editor

== Notice ==

1. [CHC-070WR] If you have a CHC-070WR and the OS build date is older than May 28, 2020 (Confirm at 'Configuration > General > Device Info > OS Build Date'), you may encounter an issue when setting the RTC's date and time. To fix the issue, please update the OS using this patch [Download CHC-070WR OS May 28, 2020].

2. [CHA-xxxPR] If you have a CHA-070PR, CHA-043PR, or CHA-102PR and the OS build date is December 31, 2019 or older (Confirm at 'Configuration > General > Device Info > OS Build Date), you may encounter an issue with the system halting. To fix the issue, please be sure to use firmware v2.95 or later.

  [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.33]  -11/30/2020 

1. Added Slider widget

2. Added Alphanumeric widget (supports numbers and upper case alphabet)

3. Added an option for entering into full screen mode automatically in the smartphone and web browser remote access applications.

4. Added functions : text_starts_with and text_ends_with functions to check if a string has a prefix or suffix respectively.

5. Disabled transmitting data when screen is not visible in smartphone and web browser remote access applications to conserve battery and bandwidth.

6. Fixed image corruption of trend graph when it is running in background mode.

7. Added a feature to the trend graph to initiate sampling when the project starts.

8. Added a blinking feature to the lamp widget.

9. Fixed an issue in the CHC series that could cause a delay when booting.

10. Added the 'text_hex_to_num()' function to convert a hexadecimal string into a number.

11. Enhanced the action copy/paste features. (Supports file I/O and allows working between ComfileHMI editors)

12. Added functions for trend graph (trendgraph_restart, trendgraph_stop)



  [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.27]  -09/11/2020 

 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.11]  -04/06/2020 

 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.06]  -02/27/2020       


list.gifCUBLOC Studio

[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v4.4]  -9/15/2017 Disable Debug command when use ladder monitoring.


list.gifMSB LOGIC

 [zip.gif MSB LOGIC v4.1]  -11/10/2016 Improved Modbus response. 


list.gifMOACON Studio  

[zip.gif Moacon Studio v1.1 OS v2.1



Important! When installing the SDK, please choose the "Custom" option and uncheck the "Documentation" feature or the SDK may not install correctly.

list.gifCWC series SDK  [zip.gif cwc_sdk.msi] 

list.gifCWV / CWV2 series SDK  [zip.gif cwv_sdk.msi

list.gifCWA series SDK  [zip.gif cwa_sdk.msi

list.gifCUWIN 5K/6K series SDK  [zip.gif cuwin5x_sdk.msi

list.gifCUWIN 3K/4K series SDK  [zip.gif cuwin3x_sdk.msi]  

list.gifActiveSync v4.5 for Windows XP  [zip.gif Active Sync 4.5

list.gifActiveSync USB driver for CUWIN 5K/6K series [zip.gif activesync_usb_cuwin5000.zip



list.gifCUBLOC Downloader  [zip.gif Cubloc downloader v1.1

list.gifSerial Communication (MODBUS) Test utility  [zip.gif CF-TERM v1.4.1

list.gifMenu/Graphics creation program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif CUCANVAS v2.4.2

list.gifCharacter design program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif Pixel Studio v1.0

list.gifBMP Downloader program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif BMP Downloader v1.12




list.gifCUBLOC User's Manual  [Cubloc manual

list.gifCUBLOC Start Guide (Fun trip to the CUBLOC World!)   [zip.gif Cubloc start guide

list.gifMOACON User's Manual  [Moacon manual

list.gifWindows CE Panel PC (CUWIN) user's manual  [CUWIN manual


Legacy products

list.gifIntelliLCD - itl740A, itl740AP

     IntelliLCD User's Manual

     IntelliLCD Firmware V2.8.0

     IntelliLCD Test Box 1.03

     IntelliLCD Unicode generator




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