ComfileHMI Editor

1. [CHC-070WR] If you have a CHC-070WR and the OS build date is older than May 28, 2020 (Confirm at 'Configuration > General > Device Info > OS Build Date'), you may encounter an issue when setting the RTC's date and time. To fix the issue, please update the OS using this patch [Download CHC-070WR OS May 28, 2020].

2. [CHA-xxxPR] If you have a CHA-070PR, CHA-043PR, or CHA-102PR and the OS build date is December 31, 2019 or older (Confirm at 'Configuration > General > Device Info > OS Build Date), you may encounter an issue with the system halting. To fix the issue, please be sure to use firmware v2.95 or later.


 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.43]  -04/07/2021 

  • 1. Added ability to add an offset to a Modbus address (i.e. PLC1:40001+a)
  • 2. Added ability to set a slave address as an expression, so that it can be dynamically computed.
  • 3. Added bit manipulating functions : bit() , set_bit() , toggle_bit()
  • 4. Added short-cut keys (F1: Online Manual, F2: Functions Manual, Ctrl+W: Run Simulator, Ctrl+E: Deploy Project via USB, Ctrl+Q: Deploy Project via Ethernet)
  • 5. Added feature to close keypad when idle for a certain time.
  • 6. Added support for additional global number formats.


  [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.39]  -02/01/2021 

  • 1. Added Slider widget
  • 2. Added Alphanumeric widget (supports numbers and upper case alphabet)
  • 3. Added an option for entering into full screen mode automatically in the smartphone and web browser remote access applications.
  • 4. Added functions : text_starts_with and text_ends_with functions to check if a string has a prefix or suffix respectively.
  • 5. Disabled transmitting data when screen is not visible in smartphone and web browser remote access applications to conserve battery and bandwidth.
  • 6. Fixed image corruption of trend graph when it is running in background mode.
  • 7. Added a feature to the trend graph to initiate sampling when the project starts, and functions for starting or stopping trend graphs (trendgraph_restart(), trendgraph_stop()) 
  • 8. Added a blinking feature to the lamp widget.
  • 9. Added the 'text_hex_to_num()' function to convert a hexadecimal string into a number.
  • 10. Enhanced the action copy/paste features. (Supports file I/O and allows working between ComfileHMI editors)
  • 11. Added lamp-like feature to button widget.
  • 12. Added function 'set_modbus_write_always_multi()' for using Modbus function code 16 instead of function code 6 even when WORD count is 1.
  • 13. Added day-of-the-week project backup feature.
  • 14. Added option to attach prefix and suffix to trend graph's scale value
  • 15. Added functions 'enable_status_monitoring()' and 'is_status_monitoring_enabled()' to control and query the status monitoring feature.
  • 16. Added ability to branch action even when no condition exists

 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.27]  -09/11/2020 

 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.11]  -04/06/2020 

 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.06]  -02/27/2020     



[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v4.4]  -9/15/2017 Disable Debug command when use ladder monitoring.  If v4.4 cause backward compatibility with existing code, please continue to use v3.5.6.

[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v3.5.6]


MOACON Studio  

[zip.gif Moacon Studio v1.1 OS v2.1



Important! When installing the SDK, please choose the "Custom" option and uncheck the "Documentation" feature or the SDK may not install correctly.




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