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Development Environments

list.gifComfileHMI Editor

== Notice ==

1. [CHC-070WR] If you have a CHC-070WR and the OS build date is older than May 28, 2020 (Confirm at 'Configuration > General > Device Info > OS Build Date'), you may encounter an issue when setting the RTC's date and time. To fix the issue, please update the OS using this patch [Download CHC-070WR OS May 28, 2020].


2. [CHA-xxxPR] If you have a CHA-070PR, CHA-043PR, or CHA-102PR and the OS build date is December 31, 2019 or older (Confirm at 'Configuration > General > Device Info > OS Build Date), you may encounter an issue with the system halting. To fix the issue, please be sure to use firmware v2.95 or later.


  [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.27]  -09/11/2020 

1. Added conditional branching feature to actions. (Action>Conditional Behavior)

2. Added conditional appending/insertion feature to text builder. (Text Builder>Add>Add this text according to a conditional expression)

3. Added the Remote Script feature (runs a script sent to the panel via Ethernet)

4. Added functions to return data from a remote script (write_byte, write_word, write_dword, write_text, write_file_contents)

5. Added ability to specify the number of internal memory slots to copy with a variable or expression.

6. Added ability to run an action group when keypad is closed by ESC.

7. Added ability to run an action group when timeout occurs. (Project Properties>Communication Settings>External Device Properties>Run an Action Group When a Timeout Occurs With This External Device

8. Added new system fuctions: start_action_group() - runs an action group, keypad_value() - gets the most recently entered value entered into the keypad, bitwise_not() - performs a bitwise NOT operation, select_if() - conditionally returns one of two values, free_memory_bytes() - gets the amount of free system memory in bytes, status_monitoring_message() - gets the status monitoring message, change_screen() - screen transition

9. Made integer rounding optional when displaying floating point values.

10. Added Modbus broadcast feature (slave address 0)

11. Added XOR bitwise operator (^)

12. Added ability to show remaining memory in detail

13. Fixed a bug causing 'Multi Word Write' to not work in Modbus RTU Slave mode

14. Added ability to synchronize date and time via USB (Tools>Synchronize Date And Time (USB))

15. Enhanced stability of RTC

16. Added dragging gesture to knob widget.

* Caution : This version of firmware does not accept the remote control request of the editor version 2.91 or older.


 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.11]  -04/06/2020 

1. Added a feature to run trend graph in the background, thus retaining its state even when navigating away from the page. (Trend Graph > General Settings > Run in the background when not on the current page).

2. Added a remote logging feature. (To Receive: Tools>Change to Remote Control Mode / To Send : Action>Log To File > Send To Remote PC(s)).

3. Added support for conditional activation of external devices (Project Properties > Communication Settings > Select External Device > Conditionally Enable External Device).

4. Added a multi-caption feature for toggle switches and lamps (Caption > Use Different Captions for ON/OFF).

5. Added a feature for parsing text by line feed characters (Action > Internal String Variable Control > Parsing > Delimiter Method > Line Feed).

6. Added system functions find_text, replace_text, last_day_of_month, text_size, file_size.

7. Added a feature for setting upper and lower bounds when writing to an existing value.

8. Added a feature for literal input of widget coordinates.


 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v3.06]  -02/27/2020       

1. Added an Android application for remote control ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.comfiletech.comfilehmiviewer )

2. Added web browser remote control client. (Supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Google search window on Android, and Safari on iPhone/iPad. IE is not supported.)
( Type the server address and port number in the address bar. i.e. )

3. Added ability to create a standalone remote control executable file.

4. Fixed a bug in the CHA-043PR and CHA-070PR that caused the system to halt when the buzzer was used repeatedly. 

5. Added a function 'bytes_to_float()'.



 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v2.91]  -11/01/2019  Added Remote firmware/project update feature, and added system functions : keypad_state(), file_exists(), file_to_text(),  text_to_file(), backlight_state(), set_backlight_state(), beep, exit_project()


 [zip.gif ComfileHMI Editor v2.78]  -8/05/2019 Added Remote screen control feature, developer protection feature, and CPU throttling feature ('set_data_processing_period' function)


list.gifCUBLOC Studio

[zip.gif Cubloc Studio v4.4]  -9/15/2017 Disable Debug command when use ladder monitoring.


list.gifMSB LOGIC

 [zip.gif MSB LOGIC v4.1]  -11/10/2016 Improved Modbus response. 


list.gifMOACON Studio  

[zip.gif Moacon Studio v1.1 OS v2.1



Important! When installing the SDK, please choose the "Custom" option and uncheck the "Documentation" feature or the SDK may not install correctly.

list.gifCUWIN 3K/4K series SDK  [zip.gif cuwin3x_sdk.msi]  

list.gifCUWIN 5K/6K series SDK  [zip.gif cuwin5x_sdk.msi]  

list.gifCWV / CWV2 series SDK  [zip.gif cwv_sdk.msi

list.gifCWA series SDK  [zip.gif cwa_sdk.msi

list.gifActiveSync v4.5 for Windows XP  [zip.gif Active Sync 4.5

list.gifActiveSync USB driver for CUWIN 5K/6K series [zip.gif activesync_usb_cuwin5000.zip



list.gifCUBLOC Downloader  [zip.gif Cubloc downloader v1.1

list.gifSerial Communication (MODBUS) Test utility  [zip.gif CF-TERM v1.4.1

list.gifMenu/Graphics creation program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif CUCANVAS v2.4.2

list.gifCharacter design program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif Pixel Studio v1.0

list.gifBMP Downloader program for CUTOUCH.  [zip.gif BMP Downloader v1.12




list.gifCUBLOC User's Manual  [Cubloc manual

list.gifCUBLOC Start Guide (Fun trip to the CUBLOC World!)   [zip.gif Cubloc start guide

list.gifMOACON User's Manual  [Moacon manual

list.gifWindows CE Panel PC (CUWIN) user's manual  [CUWIN manual


Legacy products

list.gifIntelliLCD - itl740A, itl740AP

     IntelliLCD User's Manual

     IntelliLCD Firmware V2.8.0

     IntelliLCD Test Box 1.03

     IntelliLCD Unicode generator




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