CUWIN CWV2 Hardware Upgrades

The CUWIN CWV Windows CE panel PC has been given a hardware upgrade and named CWV2.

CWV CWV2 Models Affected
Storage 256MB NAND Flash
All Models
RTC MCU Embedded RTC Highly Accurate DS3231 RTC All Models
LCD Brightness 300cd/m 2 400cd/m 2 070BR & 070WR


The CWV2 remains functionally equivalent to the CWV, and even uses the same Visual Studio 2008 SDK.

New projects are encouraged to use the CWV2. Existing CWV models will remain available until the inventory is depleted, after which only CWV2 models will be available for purchase.

For more information please see the CUWIN documentation.

See CWV2 Products

May 28th 2017

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