ComfileHMI + MCU Solution

ComfileHMI + MCU Solution

Touch Screen GUIs (Graphic user interfaces) are becoming more ubiquitous than ever.

For mass production, MCUs (micrcontrollers) must be used to keep costs down, but it can take a lot of effort to interface an MCU with a graphical LCD.

Displaying text requires first creating fonts.  TrueType fonts can be used, but they require additional effort and hardware resources, so typically bitmap fonts are used.

To make an attractive user interface also requires support for images (e.g. .jpg or .png).  Images are usually too large to store in flash memory, so is often necessary to add additional storage in the form of an SD card, which requires additional development effort and hardware resources.

COMFILE Technology offers an attractive solution, the ComfileHMI.  Using the Simple Modbus source code for the MCU, it can be quite easy to give an MCU a graphical user interface.

Connect the ComfileHMI to the MCU with RS-232 and simply draw the user interface on the screen using the free WYSIWYG ComfileHMI editor software.

... and enjoy a more simplified development experience.

Such a solution can significantly reduce complexity, development costs, and time to market.  To learn more please visit our ComfileHMI documentation.

Oct 10th 2019

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